The island of Lefkada
Lefkada, the island that enchants every visitor. The immense verdant extents, the deep blue Ionian sea, the bright sun that washes one's hair with its raylights all the day along the island and the sweet moonlight that every evening floods the sky, create an ideal setting for dreamed vacations. The idyllic and wonderful island of Lefkada belongs to the Ionian complex. The particularity of Lefkada is that is the only island you can reach by car, also known as the "land-rubber" island. The citizens of Lefkada are very hospitable and welcome the foreigners. They maintain the tradition of their island but at the same time they develop it in order to provide all the modern comforts. Lefkada allocates completed tourist infrastructure and the most excellent services of reception of foreigners, that submerge the island each summertime. It has however avoided the trap of anarchist layout. It attended to maintain its authentic colour combining it with the modern tourist development.. The city of Lefkada assembles all the services that are required for the comfort of its visitors. The entertainment in the island does never stop. Campaigns in the around islets, marine sport in the more beautiful beaches of Mediterranean, but also intense mirth 24/7. Lefkada is also famous as the paradise of food lovers. Lefkada's people allocate rich greek cooker with traditional flavors and chosen titbits. Particular characteristic is that they are the fresher and very tasty fishes, that exist abundant and in big variety, from the sea and its vivaria. Lefkada still allocates 2 from the 10 best beaches in the world for surf, the Royal and Saint Yannis in the Chora, while it is also offered for sailing and diving.
Lefkada, the all around green island of Ionian, is an ideal destination. It harmoniously combines the possibility of calm vacations and the amusement.
Discover its astonishing beauties!

Villa Timoklia
Tsoukalades, Lefkada, Hellas

Tel. +30 26450 97108, +30 26320 92016
Mob. +30 694 8306733